Nodira Karimova: Human trafficking is not the past, it is the present, it exists and it is near!

Every year on July 30, it is being celebrated World Day against Trafficking in Persons. In this regard, a number of events are planned in Uzbekistan under the tagline “30 days in partnership against human trafficking”.

The Republican Social Information Center "ISTIQBOLLI AVLOD" is one of the active participants in this event. To learn more about the course of events, the uzreport.news journalist interviewed the Chairman of the Center, Nodira Karimova.

Why is it so important to celebrate this day?

International days are an occasion to educate the general public about issues of concern, to mobilize political power and resources to address global issues.
For the first time, the decision to declare this date as an International day to fight against human trafficking was made on December 18, 2013 and officially enshrined in the UN General Assembly resolution on Improving the coordination of efforts to combat human trafficking.

The proclamation of this date on 30 July means that the international community, represented by the 193 Member States of the United Nations, is concerned about the problem of human trafficking.

"Blue heart" is a symbol of this date, what does it symbolize?

The Blue Heart symbolizes the sadness of those who have been trafficked, reminding us about the cold heart of those, who buy and sell other people.

What is the purpose of the ongoing events in honor of July 30?

We are making efforts to ensure that this initiative is primarily aimed at drawing the attention of the general public to the problem of human trafficking and its consequences, the situation of sufferers of human trafficking and the protection of their rights.

And it is very important that by marking the date of July 30, we also want to remind you of the importance and necessity of coordinated and consistent actions in the fight against this phenomenon, with the obligatory observance of fundamental human rights, both at the national and international levels.

In your opinion, how effective is it to hold such events among the population?

The World Day against Trafficking in Persons - July 30 - has been celebrated annually by our Center for the past 7 years in cooperation and jointly with all interested organizations. Among them, I would like to highlight joint activities primarily with government agencies: the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Public Education, the Agency for External Labor Migration, the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations, as well as in partnership with international organizations: UNODC, USAID, US Embassy, ​​WINROCK , IOM, European Union, etc.

We can confidently note the effectiveness of such actions, because firstly, the number of calls to the Center's Hotline is increasing, people are becoming more active, starting to ask questions that interest them, and seek advice.

Secondly, the conducted information campaigns not only raise public awareness of the risks associated with forced labor and human trafficking, but also increase the level of confidence of victims of human trafficking that they will be protected, and criminals who are involved in the sale and exploitation of people will brought to criminal responsibility.

What events are you planning to host this year?

On June 30, 2022, at the initiative of the National Commission for Combating Human Trafficking, a large-scale action "30 days in partnership against human trafficking" was announced.

Within the framework of this action, during the month, various events will be organized in mahallas, in places of large concentrations of the population, namely, in bazaars, in parks, at border crossing points, etc.

Our task is, in partnership with state and public organizations, to tell as many people as possible that the risk of becoming a victim of human trafficking is real. It is important that both children and adults know the schemes recruiters work with and understand where to turn if they see a person in trouble.

It is very important to note that this year volunteers and young activists initiated a youth movement under the hashtag #ОстановимТорговлюЛюдьми and most of the activities will be actively carried out together with their peers in order to attract new volunteers to fight human trafficking.

Trafficking in persons is not the past, it is the present, it exists and it is near. We call on all the people of Uzbekistan to be active in the ongoing action in our country.

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