The Republic of Uzbekistan
Tashkent city, Uzbekistan

Tashkent city

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Our partners

State structures

International organizations

State structures

National Commission for Combating trafficking in persons Trafficking and Forced Labor
Subcommittee on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings
Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan
General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan
State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Ministry for Mahalla and Family Support

International organizations

U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Drug Enforcement and Law Enforcement
Delegation of the European Union in Uzbekistan
Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Branch of the German Association of Public Universities in Uzbekistan DVV Internationa

UN Voluntary Fund for Victims.UNODC

Eurasia Foundation

United Nations Children's Fund

Winrock International

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)

U.S. Embassy Small Grants Program

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Humanitarian organization "Vivere", Switzerland

• Civil Society Organization “La Strada Ukraine”

International Network “Partnership in Action”

For 15 years, NGOs from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have been partners in the fight against trafficking in persons and have worked together to provide support and assistance to victims of trafficking in persons and other forms of violence.
In 2018, at the initiative of the NGO “ISTIQBOLLI AVLOD” from Uzbekistan, a network of Central Asian NGOs “Partnership in Action” (hereinafter referred to as the Network) was created. This initiative was supported by the Eurasia Foundation.

On April 12, 2018, the first Forum of the Network was held in Alma-Ata, in the Republic of Kazakhstan, where the participants developed the mission, vision of the Network, and also discussed the position and strategy.

In its activities, the Network is guided by the National Constitutions of the countries participating in the network, national legislation and international agreements on combating trafficking in persons and other forms of violence.

The mission of the Network is to build a sustainable system for ensuring human rights by uniting organizations in the Network to Combat trafficking in persons and Other Forms of Violence through the provision of legal and socio-economic services and advocacy.

Main activities

Countering trafficking in persons and forced labor
Countering Domestic Violence
Increasing the capacity of government agencies involved in countering
trafficking in persons
Development of volunteering

Working with vulnerable groups

Cooperation with the media as a social partner in the fight against trafficking in persons
Working with youth and educational institutions
Countering illegal migration
In 2020, NGOs from Kyrgyzstan joined the Network.
In 2021, NGOs from Tajikistan and Turkmenistan were included in the Network.
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State structures
International organizations
International Network to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings
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